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The Economics and Finance Society at the University of Surrey held the UCL Economic Debate. It is an annual inter-university competition wherein students from various schools gather together to witness the debate of chosen students who are specializing or interested in economics. The goal is to allow these students to go beyond the pen and paper and be able to express themselves and the theories they believed in. Last year, approximately 200 people attended the same event. The success of last year’s event would not have been possible if not for the participation of many universities namely UCL, LSE, Oxford, Cambridge, Warwick, and Durham. Because of the success of the debate, our society was able to secure support from the UCL Department of Economics and sponsors who are willing to help in order for this year’s event be a reality by inviting twelve universities to compete.

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Economics debate society summary Assignment | Professional Essay Writers
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As a member of the Economics and Finance Society, I played an important role in the event as well. I was assigned to practice as part of the opposing team. We had to brainstorm the possible arguments that the other team might raise. I think we did a pretty good job in this event. All of us were able to give a fair share of our talents.

This event, although an academic one, has imparted a lot of value to me not just academically but also personally and professionally. Of course, academically, the debate helped me understand more about the concepts on finance. I was able to go back through the past lessons as we brainstormed of the best arguments for the debate. Personally, this helps me think strategically by optimizing a given situation to come up with the best outcome. Hearing the other side and being able to answer logically is a good experience and practice in my opinion.

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