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“Six- or seven-page, double-spaced research paper that demonstrates the ability to enter into and contribute to a scholarly conversation, which is typically defined as an issue, problem, or topic around which scholars offer their perspectives in academic writing such as peer-reviewed journal articles and books. This paper will be an argument, so it is important that you advance an arguable claim on a debatable subject. You will simply need to choose a subject that interests you and then find some scholarly sources on it. In this paper you must use four credible sources that support your argument or add to the conversation around your main point. These sources must be peer reviewed journal articles and/or scholarly books.”

I attached a Word Document of where I was headed, whether this is used or not is okay. I am looking to get into a specific argument towards this issue, whether that be veterans or earnings of spouses due to their frequent transfers.

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Economic conditions of military families Assignment | Custom Essay Help
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Many young adults joining the military may not have considered their duties alongside
their annual income. Although there may be unmet expectations, the military provides service
members and their families more than an increased annual income compared to their civilian
counterparts. Essential care (medical, dental, child-care) is offered at little to no cost and
allotments are given to aid hardship during deployments and deployment-related exercises.
Although most families are set up for financial success, research conducted compared military
pay with minimal self-sufficiency budgets, and assed financial stress among military families.
These benefits during active duty service are much higher than civilian counterparts but it is
recognized that they are failing to extend into civilian life. Post-service earnings,
unemployment, and homelessness among veterans is inevitable but there may be a strong
relation to how these attributes are associated with service-related disabilities, including
posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Lastly, there is importance in understanding the quality of
life families and children may endure during and after their service member’s tour(s) and how
job opportunities for spouses may be affected even after the service members contract ends
(Hosek, 2013).
Over the last decade the Department of Defense (DoD) has vastly improved the
economic circumstances for service members and their families. Even so, when compared to
their civilian counter parts with the same level of education, members are receiving a higher
income and have access to a plethora of non-cash benefits (Hosek, 2013). To assess income and
family needs researchers with _______ broke down the demographics of members with
children at different stages of their careers. From the data collected in 2010, forty-four percent
of active duty members had children, eleven percent were single parents, eighty two percent
were married to a civilian, and seven percent were in a dual-active marriage.
Hosek, J., & MacDermid Wadsworth, S. (2013). Economic Conditions of Military Families. The Future of
Children 23(2), 41-59. doi:10.1353/foc.2013.0009.
Although citizens might argue one’s life is not worth the incentives, research conducted
on the comparison between civilians and service members reveals the extent to which the
government goes to ensure all service members and their families are taken care of.

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