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There are 2 discussion. I have add 2 pages. 1 page for each discussion. if you have any questions please let me know.


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ANT 202


Avoiding Plagiarism

Part II.

Student example #1: Explanation

This student has not used proper quotation marks, and therefore the work is considered a word of word plagiarized. Despite starting the paragraph with the author’s name and publication year, the directly unchanged terms have not been indicated by quotation marks to show that they are dubbed from the original author’s work.


Student example #2: Explanation

This student’s work is paraphrased, and therefore there is no plagiarism. Besides, the author is accredited at the beginning of the paragraph; hence, the reader knows that somebody’s work is summarised. Additionally, the student has also provided a reference page at the end of the passage.


Student example #3: Explanation

This student’s work is plagiarized. The student has only paraphrased the work without citing the original author of the passage. The student has omitted and added some words to the original work without attributing the original author. Consequently, the reference page provided is not sufficient.

Part III.

Material A:

According to Bjelland & Fellman (2013), cultures experience gradual changes from time to time. This transit is general and has an effect on the daily affairs of every individual residing in these communities. For instance, every society that has experienced industrial growth and urbanization has a different story to tell. However, some of the changes begin at an individual level and go unnoticed until they spread to the whole community changing it. Such cultural differences are prompted by alteration and circulation of suggestions that are passed on from one person or class to another.


Source: Bjelland, Mark D., and Jerome D. Fellmann. 2013. Human Geography:

Landscapes of Human Activities. 12 th edition. New York: McGraw Hill. p. 52.


Material B:

The drifting of continental plates that took place more than ten millennia ago did not only restrict the economic activities of Stone Age people but also their habitat (Bjelland & Fellman 78). As the world population increased, people moved from place to place in search of food and pleasant places to live in. Consequently, the migration of people led to the exchange of cultures from different parts of the world. Therefore, certain aspects of the society such as the economy, religion, language, traditions, as well as the ways of living experience tremendous effects up to date. In reality, migration has been a significant way of remodeling the world for its worth today.


Source: Bjelland, Mark D., and Jerome D. Fellmann. 2013. Human Geography:

Landscapes of Human Activities. 12 th edition. New York: McGraw Hill. p.78.


Part IV.

According to Peoples,there are repercussions of globalization such as change in cultures and other world problems. In my own opinion, most students are under pressure to cheat because of the intensity of competition they encounter in their quest to join the graduate school so that they can venture into their dream jobs. In most cases, the courses are not strenuous, but the students cheat because the workload is intense. Other factors that make students cheat include poor management of time, deadlines and other primary issues such as anxiety about their future. America forbids plagiarism in every level of learning. Instead, values such as time management, collaboration, group studies and revising are highly encouraged among the students.


Source: Peoples, James, and Garrick Bailey. Humanity: An introduction to cultural anthropology. Cengage Learning, 2011.







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