Discuss the differences emotional biases and belief preservation biases.

As we continue this week learning about emotional biases, the purpose of this assignment is to evaluate and compare these biases to the other biases we have already covered: Belief Perseverance Biases and Information Processing Biases.

For this assignment, respond to the following:

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Discuss the differences emotional biases and belief preservation biases.
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  1. Briefly describe emotional biases in your own words. (hint – use your concept map!).
  2. Analyze and report on the similarities between emotional biases and belief preservation biases and between emotional biases and information processing biases. Then discuss the differences.
  3. Conclude with an analysis of how the management methods of emotional, belief preservation and information processing biases are similar and how they differ.

(NOTE: Please kindly notice that the assignment is related MBA Finance course–check the textbook of “Behavioral finance and wealth management: how to build optimal portfolios: that account for investor biases” (2nd edition)).


Your papers for this course should include substantial academic research beyond the textbook. Select academic papers addressing the topic for their contributions and findings. Simply reiterating the textbook is not meeting the expectations for these written assignments.

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