Discuss the coca-cocaine commodity value chain.

The coca-cocaine commodity value chain


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Discuss the coca-cocaine commodity value chain.
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1000 word discussion post

1. After reading the assigned readings located in this week’s Lesson and the Readings/Resources for this week please discuss the coca-cocaine commodity value chain. (500 words, 2 references)

2. In conducting additional research outside of this week’s readings, defend whether the legalization of all drugs would decrease or increase drug related violence/crimes. As part of this response make sure to touch on drug cartels. (500 words, 2 references)

Instructions: The response to each question should be a “minimum” of 500 words of content (does not count references and or restating a question) and include “at least” two properly referenced sources, in accordance with APA 6th edition, for full credit. Please see the syllabus for what constitutes a “substantive” response.

Within your post, please place the first Forum response on top of the second, i.e., both Forum responses should be in the same post within the Forum.

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