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Part 1: Create your own personal job description of at least four sentences. Incorporate your personality, interests, skills, and values.

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Defining Your Career Identity Assignment | Custom Essay Help
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To help you use the attached Defining Your Internal Career Identity Worksheet/Article

Think about your personality and what type of work environment that lends itself to. Would you like working in a call center, on teams, from home/individually, etc.
What are you interested in, like to do, or what motivates you to keep going with a project?
What are you good at/what skills to do you bring to the table?
What’s important to you or in other words what do you value? For example, work life balance or financial security, etc. Only include words that describe you and that you can tell a story about if asked. BE CREATIVE!
Part 2: Complete your own “Golden Circle.” What’s your why, your purpose, what drives you? How do you do what you do? Lastly, what do you do?

Here is the link to see the video

3. Watch the TED video posted below labeled Start With Why by Simon Sinek and start to reflect on your own “Golden Circle”. (You only need to watch until 11:05).

First classmate discussion


I would work for a company with a flexible work/life balance where I have the opportunity to work from home and travel. I love traveling to new areas and meeting new people within my field. I would be apart of a small team or work individually. I like being able to bounce ideas off of my teammates without the distraction of working with a large team. I enjoy helping people understand their finances and complex financial/accounting/tax situations but I am also interested in investing, just not the sales aspect that most investing jobs entail. I would like to find something that encompasses all of my passions. Lastly, I would work for a company that supports my personal growth. I am a life-long learner and I am always striving to learn something new. It is extremely important to me and my company that we are always striving for more knowledge.

Why do I do what I do? I do what I do because I think it is necessary for people to understand their own finances and financial decisions. I’ve talked to far too many people that hire someone else to do their taxes, complete their financial aid, or handle their investing portfolio without asking why. I want to help people understand why they make the decisions they make and what they can do to make better decisions. I think this also ties into my passion for learning. Accounting, taxes, investing, and finance are ever changing fields and there is always something new to learn.



Second classmate discussion



Part 1: Company overview:


We are a nonprofit company that strives to bring not only the students together but the community together. We grow in compassion and try for excellence in the volunteer experiences we pursue. Team building is crucial to all departments so that we may ensure a good experience for all.


Serving Hand

Reports to: Caring and flexible community-oriented supervisor

Based at: between Dallas and Wilkes-Barre Pennsylvania


To work in a passionate environment with local community, to help students and staff understand the importance of serving the community and meet with staff weekly to see that they are successful and happy in all duties assigned.


Kind open heart

Passion for serving others

Awareness of difference in opinion

Creative flair for marketing events

Peace keeping personality


Flexible nature

Community driven

Drive for honest communication

Specific job skills:

To motive and energize staff to engage in an open armed environment. Volunteer enthusiastic personality that is coupled with hard work ethic. Empathetic ears that will take time for colleagues to be heard and given proper platforms to address concerns.

Other duties as assigned as worker will be multitasking various events and activities with hard to say no personality.


Part 2- My Golden Circle- My Why-

My why, or purpose if you will, has always been to help others. Whether as a child it was helping out at a nursing home with elderly that did not have family visiting, or today serving as a voice for my colleagues on staff council so that their voices and concerns are heard through the proper channels. From picking up trash, helping abused animals find “furever” homes, to finding a career where I can be the voice for those who need someone to fight for their rights or to help students ignite their passion for service of the community has always been my vocational path. Helping students find service-learning projects, internships, and experiences and or helping staff understand the policies of a non profit company while fighting for them to be treated beyond fair is going to be the outcome of all my hard work.


Just ASK! Assess – Defining Your Career Identity

Page Image

Page Content



After you have ever “Assessed” yourself?  Challenge yourself to think about your potential and best fit for your life’s contribution. There are two keys to career planning: know yourself and know the world of work. Embedded in each of these tasks is exploration. Whether you are just starting your career or are finding yourself in career transition, these guidelines will be helpful.

Think first about your personality strengths. What are your best natural talents from your personality that you can and have developed? Begin making a list, or better yet, a “job description” of your best personality traits. Include words that describe YOU.

For example your “job description” might read like this:

“I’m looking for a career field where I can use my natural enthusiasm and ingenious nature—which includes my natural abilities and talents toward being curious, talkative, and clever—and discovering ways in which I can increase my own competence. I love new ideas, and am open to possibilities to solve problems and to work on a variety of stimulating projects.”




Next, be clear on what your interests are. What motivates you to keep going with a project? Being interested in something holds a tremendous amount of energy within it. For example, you might be interested in a subject you are studying in class, you want to go to class (even an 8am class!), read the text, talk about it with your instructor, dig deeper and show more natural drive. People that are interested in what they are studying will be successful because there is a natural motivation pushing them internally.

“I’m looking for a position where I can use my interests in business, politics, leadership, or entrepreneurship to work with people on a team. I’d enjoy managing, persuading, training others, and using creative methods to do it. I like to take risks, and enjoy competition and independence.”


Try writing a job description using only words that reflect interest.

Do you see areas where Personality/Talents and Interests overlap with these descriptions?











Now begin to add the skill sets.” Skills can be defined in three areas:

  • Adaptive skills are developed from your personality traits or characteristics that enable you to relate to your environment. They play a key role in work effectiveness, performance, and job satisfaction.
  • Content skills are those that refer to the mastery of a specific field of knowledge required to perform a particular job or task. These skills are usually acquired through work experience or education.
  • Functional skills are primarily acquired through the experience of living rather than through specific jobs or formal education. These skills comprise 80-90% of any job. Functional skills involve interaction with people, information, or objects. Try writing a job description using only skills:
“I’d like to use my leadership skills to train others in problem-solving and creative decision making”.  Are you seeing some of the overlaps when we include personality, interests, and skills into this mix?




A value is something you highly regard: something that you consider very important to you. Values are the standard by which attitudes are formed. There are three types of values:

  • Career Related Values: those aspects of a job that give you satisfaction.
  • Work Environment Values: the concrete aspects of a work environment that you would prefer.
  • Core Life Values: the things in life that are core to making your life have meaning.

Try writing a “job description” using only values:

“Challenge and creativity are essential to me in a job, as well as a sense of security and working with people every day. I want to have time to be with my family and make a contribution to society”.





Look right in the center of these four connecting circles; this is your career identity which also showcases some of your greatest strengths. When you make career choices around these strengths, you will have a better chance of success. The closer you stay to the center of your inner circle, the more confidence, motivation, and joy will be in your life’s work. “What’s in your inner circle…?”

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