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1. Data Collection Analysis: Collect multiple types of school data (for example, student achievement, parent/community involvement, staff development needs, building needs, current financial impacts, etc.). The data reports are to be from a real school with which you are familiar, preferably one in which you are currently employed. ***Petersburg city public schools
2. This will make the assignment more meaningful for you. Petersburg City Public school data are generally available online or upon request from the school or district office. Private school data may be found in self-studies for accreditation upon request from administration. Upload into Blackboard the actual data documents and/or links to the online reports.
3. Data Analysis: The purpose of the analysis is to interpret and discuss the data in order to identify institutional strengths and weaknesses. This section of the assignment must be 300–500 words in length.
4. Goals: List 3–5 clear goals for school improvement. Use the SMART acronym to make each goal specific, measurable, attainable, research-based, and timely. The goals must be written in the same document as the Data Analysis. If goals are not properly written in this assignment, they will need to be revised before the future portion of the School Improvement Plan (i.e., the Implementation Plan) is submitted. To avoid having to make revisions, click on this Goals Samples link and review it carefully before writing your goals
5. Relation to Vision: In the same document as the data analysis and goals, explain how the 3–5 goals relate to the school’s vision. Express both how community members are meaningfully involved in the needs assessment process as well as how the results of the needs assessment will be communicated to all stakeholders.
Note: “Results of the needs assessment” in the School Improvement Plan Grading Rubric is referring to the listed 3–5 goals and how these goals were decided upon.


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Data Collection Analysis Petersburg City Public Schools Assignment | Professional Writing Services
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