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Activity 10.1: Difference Between Cyber And Traditional Warfare
Cyber warfare is a new, emerging terminology and there is no well-established understanding of cyber warfare. It is difficult to differentiate between a cyber-attack and cyber warfare. Read Chapter 1 from the book Cyber warfare: a reference handbook (Springer 2015) to get a good understanding of cyber warfare. How is cyber warfare different from a conventional war?

Activity 10.2: Moral Cases Of Cyber Warfare
The moral cases discussed in the above section require some discussion and good understanding. Select one of the cases and share your thoughts in a 200-words.

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Cyber Security and Ethical Hacking Assignment | Custom Essay Help
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Activity 10.3: Current State Of Cyber Warfare
Share your thoughts on the future of cyber warfare on the following questions:

How is the changing technological landscape changing the cyber security domain?
What tools and technologies will be used in future cyber-attacks?

Activity 10.4: Is Cyber Warfare Possible?
As discussed in this unit, cyber warfare is a new concept and it offers more questions than answers. Read Chapter 2 from the book Cyber warfare: a reference handbook (Springer 2015) on problems, controversies and solutions. Share your thoughts on the following questions:
Is cyber warfare ever possible?
If yes, what will be the scale of this war? Will it be limited between two states or global?
Does a cyber warfare lie in the military domain or in the civilian domain?

Activity 10.5 : Role Of Cyber Treaties
Cyber treaties are results of policy discussions among two or more states regarding cyber warfare and are usually informal. Share your thoughts on the following questions regarding cyber treaties:

What is the role of these policies in safeguarding from a cyber warfare?
Why are some countries reluctant to sign these treaties (For example, only 52 countries have signed the “Budapest convention” out of all countries in the world)?

Activity 10.6: Morality Of Cyber Warfare
We discussed 5 cases of cyber warfare morality in Section 10.4. Select two cases and share your understandings on these cases in the Discussion Board thread.

Activity 10.7: Professional And Ethical Values For An Ethical Hacker
We have studied the whole module and established that a “hacker” and an “ethical hacker” are applying the same knowledge, tools and techniques in their work. The difference is in the way both are working. A hacker identifies the vulnerabilities and exploits them, whereas, an “ethical hacker” identifies the same vulnerabilities to safeguard against them.

What professional and ethical values must an ethical hack observe to ensure that they are not committing a cyber-attack like a hacker?

Activity 9.1 : Security Risks In BOYD Mode
COPE and BYOD allow employees work from anywhere while using the resources from the enterprise network. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. What are your thoughts on the security of your device in BYOD mode? What security risks are posed to personal and organisational data in a security breach, while using your own device for work purposes? Share your thoughts in a 300-words.

Activity 9.2: Security Threats To Mobile Devices
Section 9.2 discussed security threats for mobile devices. Select any 3 security threats discussed in this section and discuss the following:

Severity of each threat to the mobile device
Severity of each threat to your data stored in the mobile device
Two examples of each threat.

Activity 9.4:DoS Attack On A Mobile Device
DoS or DDoS is phenomena where an attacker intentionally makes the device or service unavailable for legitimate use. Write a statement with a real-time example for mobile devices that you think is used to perform such an attack.

Activity 9.5: Cyber Threats For Mobile Devices
Using web and search engines, identify top 6 cyber threats for mobile devices. You can consider threats by mobile operating systems like Android, iOS or Windows for mobile devices. Share your findings in the Discussion Board thread.

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