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1. Using one of the five topics below or a topic related to management from the SIOP (’s-the-Same-Only-Different) research priority list and find five additional peer reviewed articles in this area (in addition to any of the readings) that provide context to the topic. Write a 600 to 800-word summary (formatted according to APA guidelines) that discusses the contributions of the 5 additional journal articles you selected and how these help to provide additional clarity on the topic.

a) Work–Life Balance Interventions:
The work–family interface continues to play an important role in modern organizations. Technologically facilitated communication mediums such as social media, emails, and instant messaging continue to blur the line between work and family. When demands from home and work life compete for attention, employees are often faced with difficult decisions. More than ever before, organizations are concerned with the long-term impact of work–family balance on employee productivity, attitudes, and mental health. I-O psychologists can support organizations in creating evidence-based interventions and solutions to meet the multiple roles of their employees. Such interventions may include opportunities for telework and flexible schedules, family-oriented programs, and managerial training.

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Current Issues in Management Assignment | Get Paper Help
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b) The Changing Nature of Work:
For the third year in a row, we find the changing nature of work on our Top 10 Workplace Trends list. The Information Age has been marked by rapid change as a result of the advances in information technology. The workplace has been, and continues to be, greatly impacted by these changing times. Employees are demanding more of their organizations and organizations are demanding more of their employees. Technology allows employees to be continuously connected to their work and gives them the ability to perform their jobs from anywhere. This removes the requirement of offices and traditional work hours. The work itself has been impacted also, as different skills are needed to perform jobs now than were needed in the past. As new technologies are introduced, the world of work will continue to evolve. I-O psychologists can play a key role in helping leaders with this transformation by defining the skills needed to perform jobs and helping redesign organizations to support the evolution of work.


c) Sexual Harassment; #MeToo at Work:
In 2018 we witnessed a watershed moment for change, with countless victims sharing stories of sexual harassment and inappropriate behavior. The #MeToo movement remains a top trend for 2019. The opportunity now exists for organizations to invest resources into creating more inclusive, respectful workplaces; to promote and train leaders on appropriate workplace conduct; and to continue to hold bad actors accountable for their behaviors. Organizations should also consider the impact of the #MeToo movement on existing employees and implement support and mentoring practices that will help women gain access to senior leadership positions and promote more equitable power dynamics in the workplace. I-O psychologists working on workplace culture and climate, gender issues, workplace safety, legal issues, and civility can help inform and direct organizations’ responses to the problem of sexual harassment and develop preventative interventions in the workplace.


d) Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity:
First appearing on the top trends list for 2015, diversity, inclusion, and equity incentives have been a top subject with tremendous impact on organizations. Although there have been strides in research on topics such as gender, ethnicity, and LGBT communities, the continued dominance of these topics demonstrates that we still have room for improvement. In today’s organizations, leadership, employees, and other stakeholders demand inclusion and equity in the workplace. I-O psychologists can help leaders really make a positive difference in their organizations by developing unbiased selection and testing practices, analyzing the outcomes associated with diversity and inclusion, and increasing organizational efficacy through modernized and dynamic training.


e) Stress & Well-being: Gabriel, A. S., Koopman, J., Rosen, C. C., & Johnson, R. E. (2018). Helping others or helping oneself? An episodic examination of the behavioral consequences of helping at work. Personnel Psychology, 71(1), 85-107.

2. In addition, attach a 200 to 250 word annotated bibliography to the forum that adheres to following format.

1. Journals, journal, journals. Yes, for doctoral level writing, work should be supported by scholarly sources/journals and include a well-presented synthesis of the information, not simple quotes.

2. Proof reading for grammatical weaknesses, writing style errors, and other problems not expected in scholarly doctoral work. APA manual provides detailed information on scholarly writing.

3. Break discussions into sections that use titles, subtitles, etc. Some may call this a form of tiered writing style. This is normal scholarly, doctoral writing (this is also discussed in the APA manual).

4. Some submission primarily quoted citation materials or used significant quoting. For scholarly writing, the document should be your own document writing that includes “fully supported” information (rather than primarily quoting information).

5. All questions/areas of the prompt are answered in a well-thought-out manner and supported using appropriate research & examples.

Obvious and intensive scholarly research beyond the minimum requirement.

Professional vocabulary, writing style and tone are used consistently throughout discussion. Any sources used are properly referenced/cited in APA format.

4 pages / 1100 words

5 sources required

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