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I need help with parts 2 & 3 of the project. I have attached instructions parts 2 and 3 of the project.



  • Style: APA
  • Number of pages: 6 pages/double spaced (1650 words)
  • Number of source/references: 3







Part 1- Creating Consulting Proposal-Forensic Services











Forensic Services Consulting Proposal




Thank you for the opportunity to consult on some of the challenges facing AZ Private Crime Scene.Our goal is to help get your company on track with technology and help come connected to new ways emerging in the forensic field. You are already aware of my background helping many state, city and countyagencies with similar issues.

Project Summary


To create a current technological environment that is lacking from AZ Private Crime Scene. AZ Private Crime Scene has been a leading agency for decades in the field of forensics. They have helped many government agencies with break through cases. In present times, it is hard for AZ Private Crime Scene to help with crime scenes and other lab jobs needed due to the lack of up to date technology. Also, majority of the staff have been there for years and lack the education to use such equipment. Expansion of the company will occur when AZ Private Crime Scene is up to date with technology, having the proper staff to do so, and there for helping bring more business due totheir resources available.


AZ Private Crime Scenehas been in the business of performing forensic duties in the labs and in the field for over 20 years. To add, the labs at AZ Private Crime Scene have been in the business of conducting testing procedures that are designed to meet the strictest of requirements for application to criminal and civil justice processes. AZ Private Crime Scenes’ staff of forensic experts have over 80 years of combined expertise in explaining and defending their forensic testing findings. There is just one place to go then time is on the line and puzzles need to be solved, forensic testing is solid and defensible, turn to AZ Private Crime Scene.

AZ Private Crime Scene provides comprehensive, expert testing and analysis for the broadest range of biological and non-biological samples to support medical examiners, coroners, government and law enforcement agencies, and others in corporate and legal industries, with a breadth of testing that is unsurpassed:


Building a traditional forensics lab, method development and validation, and training take significant time and resources. AZ Private Crime Scene provides a plethora of services. The existence of many laboratories helps achieve fast and reliable results. The fast results help support the investigation process and increase public safety. The comprehensive services that AZ Private Crime Scene provide includes:

The decisions make are the organization leaders, the director and stakeholders (a group of investors). Funding comes from federal dollars and the private investors.

Business Challenge


Being so caught up on being experts in so many areas, AZ Private Crime Scene has fell behind the times of new emerging technology. The challenge is to bring AZ Private Crime Scene to cutting edge technology without losing business, educating the staff while still providing day to day services, and bringing in more business when additional services are available. Funding is always a challenge and with providing forecasted services that will be available, investors will come forward to pitch in and other federal dollars will become available.


Project Objective


To connect AZ Private Crime Scene with new emerging techinilgies, educate the staff and being able to bring more business in 6 months.


Goal: Purchase the necessary equipment and software for inhouse and field testing.

Strategy: Gather the stakeholders and command chain to show cutting technology that is available. Show convincing stats that show why these new emerging processes are needed and by purchasing new equipment that these services can be offered. Get the stakeholders on board to put up at least a hundred thousand dollars for the needed items.




Goal: Educate current staff and implement policies to training new staff on emerging technology for the forensics.

Strategy: 6-month training process that employees can get up to speed on new procees and use of new equipment. Also, instill new procedures for future staff.


Goal: Increased business opportunities after the 6-month mark.

Strategy: Through advertisement, letting the world know that AZ Private Crime Scene is the cutting-edge forensic lab. With new technology and an educated staff to carry any job needed to help solve crimes.

Consulting Rates

Hourly rate consulting: $110

On-site training: $150

Strategy provision and documentation: $50

Equipment, software, hardware, and other items needed for the transformation of AZ Private Crime Scene: $100,000




Forensic Testing. (n.d.). Forensic Testing. Retrieved from

Part 2-Project Plan Protocols

Continuing on the project you selected, create a project plan that lays out the details of the project and your approach to it. This is an internal process to create a plan on how your consultant team will complete the project.


In a minimum of 825 words, do the following:


Determine what team members you will need to effectively complete this project.


Dissect the project into phases; list each phase of the project and for each phase include the following information:

  1. The cost, and time allotted to complete each phase; be very detailed and specific.
  2. Determine what each team member will complete during each phase, based on their skills and abilities.
  3. Forecast any potential problems that may occur in each phase and discuss how you intend to address the problems.




Part 3-Data in Consulting

Continuing with your ongoing consulting project, imagine you have moved forward and started to implement your project plan and doing the consulting work on the project. Review the data that will be produced by your work

In 750 words or more, do the following:


  • Describe the type of data that will be relevant to the project.
  • Explain the most effective strategies you can use to obtain relevant data.
  • Explain how you will organize the data.



Be sure to cite three relevant scholarly sources in support of your content.


While APA style is not required for the body of this assignment, solid academic writing is expected, and in-text citations and references should be presented using APA documentation guidelines

















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