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10 slide presentation Creature Feature Presentation. 10 slides presentation. PowerPoint.


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Here is one laboratory topic PowerPoint Presentation for assignment,

1- Answer all questions on the topic with examples and pictures to support your answer.

2- Do not cut any part of the topics to make your answer clear, and do not leave any question without an answer.

3- Think and read carefully before answering.

4- Work according to instruction specifically.I need a 10 slides presentation.  PowerPoint.

Creature Feature Presentation


  1. Learn the major life history components of a single animal species
  2. Gain experience in researching and presenting scientific information.
  3. Prepare and present a professional oral slide presentation


Assignment requirements

You will be assigned aphylum within Kingdom Animalia. You will then be required to choose one species that is a member of that phylum. A species is defined by its binomial nomenclature that includes the Genus, which is capitalized, and species which is not. Both words mustbe italicized, Canis lupus – the grey wolf.

  • Prepare a power-point type slide presentation on the ONE species you picked from the phylum you were assigned.
  • Prepare and record a ten-minute oral presentation to go along with your slide show.
  • You must include a minimum of seven properly cited references for the information included in your presentation, not including image citations.

Presentation topics: Your presentation should include but is not limited to:

  • Evolutionary relationships among organisms in the phylum that includes your species; i.e. taxonomy in the form of Domain, Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family Genus and species.
  • Geographic distribution: the geographic range of the species.
  • Habitat: the environment in which the species lives, including both biotic and abiotic conditions.
  • Nutrient preferences: the nutrients and/or energy sources preferred by the species that allow individuals to grow and reproduce.
  • Reproduction: mechanisms involved in propagation of descendent generations, may include sexual and/or asexual processes
  • Status: any state, federal, or international recognition of the species as threatened or endangered.
  • Relationship with humans: notable interactions between the species and humans.
  • Bibliography slide of (at least seven) references used in preparing the content of your presentation. Please format citations using either APA or MLA style. You must provide a citation for every reference used; failure to do so is considered plagiarism.
  • Image credits used in your slide presentation.It is fine to cite right on/by the image itself rather than a long list in the bibliography.


Citation information from the library:

  • APA:
  • CSE:


Citation Machine:


Some Tips for PowerPoint Presentations

  1. The first slide is a title slide including project title, author information and date.
  2. As a rule, you should spend at least one minute on each slide.
  3. Try to limit the text to 6-7 lines per slide with no more than 7-8 words per line. Bullet points and incomplete sentences are a must; do not use full sentences.
  4. Use a dark background with light text or light background with dark text. Strong contrast between the background and text increases readability.
  5. Use the same template or background for the entire presentation. Avoid distracting backgrounds: the audience should be focused on you and the information you are presenting, not background graphics.
  6. Use the same font throughout the presentation. Sparingly use capitalization, bold or italics to indicate emphasis. Always italicize species names. Do not underline for emphasis because it is used for online hyperlinks in PowerPoint.
  7. Change font sizes: titles should be in the largest font and main points in a larger font than sub-points. Font sizes 24-pt and larger are best; do not use less than 18-pt.
  8. Use images, figures and tables to enhance your presentation. You must provide a citation for all material that is not original including downloaded or copied images.
  9. Keep the audience focusedbut avoid distracting sound and animation features. Use the same slide transition and/or text animation throughout the entire presentation.
  10. The last slide should be a citation slide that includes citations for the references and images used in your presentation. Failure to do so is considered plagiarism and will be dealt with as such.

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