Counseling Efficacy Research Paper.

Counseling Efficacy Research Paper 7 pages

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Counseling Efficacy Research Paper.
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Counseling Efficacy Research Paper – Final Paper (35 percent) Students will conduct a review of the research on the efficacy of foundational counseling skills. This review should focus on the findings on the efficacy of the counseling relationship, as well as the efficacy of various components of the therapeutic process, including the skills discussed in this class. The findings of the student’s research will be summarized within the final paper. At the conclusion of the summary, the student will write a written reflection connecting the efficacy research to their experience in the class. This paper should be 7 pages and adhere to APA guidelines. References should be primarily derived from counseling sources (i.e. counseling journals and texts).


Butts, C. M., & Gutierrez, D. (2018). Dispositional Mindfulness and Personal Distress as Predictors of Counseling Self‐Efficacy. Counselor Education & Supervision, 57(4), 271–284.

Caldwell, S., Wusik, K., He, H., Yager, G., & Atzinger, C. (2018). Development and Validation of the Genetic Counseling Self-Efficacy Scale (GCSES). Journal of Genetic Counseling, 27(5), 1248–1257.…

Rabaino, A., Donohue, K., Richards, D., & Kalas, K. (2017). Improving Trainee Counseling Self-Efficacy: The Influence of Personal Adjustment Variables. Journal of Behavioral & Social Sciences, 4(1), 41–47.

Yedemie, Y. Y. (2020). Evaluating the Influence of Self-Efficacy, Trepidation of Stigma, and Previous Counseling Experience on University Students’ Attitudes Toward Psychological and Social Counseling: Implications for Intervention. International Quarterly of Community Health Education, 40(2), 115.

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