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1. Conclusions about capital budgeting:

The decision process

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Corporate Finance Assignment | Get Paper Help
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Before making capital budgeting decisions, finance professionals often generate, review, analyze, select, and implement long-term investment proposals that meet firm-specific criteria and are consistent with the firm’s strategic goals.


Companies often use several methods to evaluate the project’s cash flows and each of them has its benefits and disadvantages. Based on your understanding of the capital budgeting evaluation methods, which of the following conclusions about capital budgeting are valid? Check all that apply.

a. The discounted payback period improves on the regular payback period by accounting for the time value of money,

b. For most firms, the reinvestment rate assumption in the MIRR is more realistic than the assumption in the IRR.

c. Managers have been slow to adopt the IRR because percentage returns are a harder concept for them to grasp.

True or False: Sophisticated firms use only the NPV method in capital budgeting decisions.

a. False.

b. True.

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