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Pick a current biology related topic, for example:

–Ethics of scientific publishing

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Coronavirus Assignment | Essay Help Services
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–Designer babies

–Immonotherapy for cancer

–Climate change

–Corona Virus

–Public health problems: obesity, vaccinations, autoimmunity/allergies

Find at least 1 scientific articles about said topic (e.g. through pubmed, google scholar). You can use other resources too
–needs to be peer-reviewed articles

Evaluate the article. Why is this topic important to biology? What was previously known about this topic? What did you learn from the articles? What innovative idea came from this research? How are they improving the quality of (human?) life? Are their claims supported by their research? What are the limitations of the research? What questions are left unanswered? How does it relate to what you’ve learned in this class? Why did you pick this topic?
Write a 3-4 page report answering the questions. Organize questions in a coherent sequence, make sure paragraphs flow. Rough draft due May 15th
Prepare a 15 minute presentation. Remember you are the expert on this topic.

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