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Choose one of the two questions to write on. Essays must be at least 5 pages (not including title page and Reference page. Essay must be double-spaced. Essay must be in APA format and sources must be properly cited. APA resources are available in our online library and here:


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Contemporary Sociologists Assignment | Top Essay Writing
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1. After reading the content concerning symbolic interaction and dramaturgy (Mead and Goffman), please address the following: 1) analyze the basic tenets of the symbolic interaction perspective, according to the work of GH Mead, paying special attention to the concept of “the self”; 2) Next, explain how the work of Erving Goffman demonstrates key components of the symbolic interaction perspective; and 3) given Goffman’s perspective, do you think it is reasonable to state that an individual person does not have an immutable, unchanging self? Why or why not? Please use specific concepts in your response.


2. Based upon your reading for week number four concerning ethnomethodology, please address the following: 1) summarize in a concise paragraph the basic tenets that underpin the ethnomethodology viewpoint; 2) explain and give an example of how
“documentary interpretation” explains every day social life; and 3) explain in detail why “conversation analysis” is considered to be a part of ethnomethodology.


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