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Please read over the marking rubric attached to understand how this literature review is being marked. I need you to complete 500 words of the first theme and 1150 words of the last theme plus an abstract. Please read the other themes to ensure what your writing flows and is cohesive. Please use the references on the word document, please also if you incorporate new key words add a retrieved from link. The topic is promoting sustainability through life cycle costing. I am studying a construction degree so it is based around life cycle of that nature. I have made some annotations of the assignment as well, please add your parts to this document. Please add key words to the abstract


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Construction Economics Assignment | Cheap Essay Help
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CONS 7821 Industry Project Part 1 2019

Literature review – Marking schedule final report


Section and Requirements Not acceptable Marks Excellent Comments
1.       Introduction

(5 marks)

Statement of topic Statement of research topic is poorly framed or not relevant, or is addressed by another course in the BCons programme. 0  1 Clear statement of topic. The investigation builds on other courses and extends the student’s knowledge in an area relevant to the BCons.  
Rationale Reasons for choice of topic are limited or poorly explained. 0  1  2 Persuasive explanations given for choice of topic, fully explained and well argued.  
Context The industry context is not described or the project is explained in a manner that is not specific to industry practice or current situation. 0  1  2 The project is well framed in the industry context and current to industry practice.  
  1. Literature collection

(11 marks)

Extent Fewer than 12 references


12 references but including poorer quality sources e.g. internet or newspaper references.

0  1   2 A minimum of 12 references from quality academic sources, with sufficient sources to support all themes.  
Relevance Sources are not clearly related to the topic being explored, and no relevant connection is explained. 0  1  2  3 Sources represent comprehensive and appropriate coverage of the topic.  
Currency Includes references that are dated or from other industries without explanation or justification. 0  1  2  3 All references are recent and immediately relevant, or, if older material or sources form other industries is used its inclusion is discussed and justified.  
Referencing References are not listed using the APA format; material quoted or paraphrased is not cited in text, or not included in reference list. 0  1  2  3 Correct APA format; all material quoted uses quote marks and is cited in text (author, date, page number). Paraphrases or ideas from other sources are cited in text (author, date). All citations in text are in the references list, and all in the list are cited.  
Section and Requirements Not acceptable Marks Excellent Comments
3.       Analysis and discussion

(22 marks)

Themes Fewer than 4 themes; relationship of themes to topic or between themes is not explained or connected. 0  1  2  3  4 Uses at least 4 themes which are well chosen and well-defined; relationship of each theme to overall topic and to other themes is made explicit.  
Analysis Describes or summarises contents of sources without comparison or analysis.

Does not demonstrate understanding of the topic.

0  1  2  3  4  5 Clearly demonstrates understanding of the topic. Themes, trends, interpretation of literature and ideas are made explicit. Analysis is structured clearly and appropriately.  
Argument/ discussion Does not provide a coherent view of the topic, or  is based on opinion without support from literature. 0  1  2  3  4  5 Provides a logical, informative and interesting view of the topic; experience or opinion is only included with literature to support it.  
Conclusions Does not state implications from the findings, no connections with wider scope of the topic. 0  1  2  3  4  5 Provides insights that link to practice, discusses implications for the industry.  
Use of literature Relies heavily on quotes, with little or no explanation.


0  1  2  3 Student’s interpretation of literature is presented rather than repetition of other authors’ opinions from quotes.  
4.       Research question and sub-questions

(6 marks)

Main research question No research question; or question is poorly constructed; or scope of question is too broad or too narrow. 0  1  2 Main question clearly stated as a single question, not multiple; has an appropriate scope.  
Sub-questions Fewer than 2 sub-questions; or explanations are not provided for sub questions; relevance of sub-questions is not clear. 0  1  2 At least 2 sub-questions identified (may be more, if required) An adequate explanation provided for each sub-question. Relevance/contribution of each sub-question to overall research question is clear and well argued.  
Rationale No rationale; or poorly explained rationale that is not specific to the research question identified. 0  1  2 Reasons for interest are clear. Value to industry is explained. Clearly connected to literature and referenced.  



Section and Requirements Not acceptable Marks Excellent Comments
5.       Report presentation

(6 marks)

Abstract and keywords No abstract provided; or abstract does not meet format requirements. Keywords not provided or are poorly chosen. 0  1  2 Well written and informative summary, less than 250 words, no references, includes project rationale and key themes, main points of discussion. Good choice of keywords.  
Presentation and appearance Does not comply with template requirements; or more than 20 proof-reading errors. 0  1 Consistent and well produced document; professional quality presentation.  
Structure, readability and logical development Material is badly written and hard to understand; or may be adequately written but overall the report does not hang together. 0  1  2 Material is structured clearly and logically. All areas are covered appropriately and points flow logically throughout the report. Well written using appropriate language.  
Report length Fewer than 4500 or more than 5000 words; or report is at the lower word limit and doesn’t cover the material adequately; or report is at higher word limit and is rambling and wordy. 0  1 Concise and well-edited, covers all material adequately without unnecessary waffle; 4500-5000 words.  
Total         /50    


  • Style: APA
  • Number of pages: 3 pages/single spaced (1650 words)
  • Number of source/references: 8
  • Extra features: Abstract page


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