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Concert Report Guidelines
General Information:

After viewing an online concert you must write a 500-minimum (about 2 pages double spaced) word essay contextualizing the concert within the matrix of concepts, personalities, and music examined in our course. In general, think of this essay as a “critical analysis” in which you need to explain the points you are asserting. The easiest way to conceptually approach a concert review is to imagine that you’re describing the event to someone who is not at all familiar with the music. So, in addition to recounting the context for the concert – the venue, ambiance, and audience, you must also describe what the music sounded like–the instrumentation, musical style, performer interaction, and how each piece develops and changes over time.
I’m interested in your ability to contextualize the event within the framework of our class. Your essay will be graded based on the depth of analysis, the degree to which you address all of the bullet points above, the use of detailed examples, and on spelling and grammar. One of the course learning outcomes is to become an “active” listener, so your observations should reflect a developing awareness of this skill. If you quote or paraphrase an author, website, or other research materials, you must cite your references using parenthetical citations (author last name, page number) or footnotes, and include a bibliography. Although not required, this additional research is encouraged and may provide you with extra credit.

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Concert Report Assignment | Online Assignment Help
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