Concept map opioid pathophysiology and Naloxone suspected drug related overdose Assignment | College Homework Help


Short concept maps on 1A opioid pathophysiology and 1B short concept map on Naloxone (narcan) for suspected drug related overdose.

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Concept map opioid pathophysiology and Naloxone suspected drug related overdose Assignment | College Homework Help
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Please follow the grading rubric for concept maps to avoid omitting an element of the assignment. Short concept map on 1.A. pathophysiology and 1.B. reversal of overdose with Nalaxone (narcan).

Concept Map Rubric for Opioid Misuse/Exposure

This grading rubric is evaluating the cognitive thinking skills of the student and the ability of the student to perceive and understand the relationships/connections between the different parts of the concept map in the care of the opioid exposed or addicted patient. To understand the theories and concepts related to opioid exposure, use/misuse, potential or actual across the life span.

  1. To manage concepts into sub concepts and connect them to the patient.
  2. To understand the relationship of each concept.
  3. To synthesize information and ideas into a plan of care for opioid substance abuse across the ages.
  4. To encourage brain-storming and develop critical thinking skills and strategies.

Factors that need to be considered are Nursing Diagnosis, Risk Factors, Clinical Manifestations of opioid of potential or actual misuse or exposure,

at least 3 Nursing Interventions, indicated Patient/family education, Medications for treatment or rescue, No- medical treatment option, and to
monitor for potential and real complications.

Concept Map



10 5


1 0 Possible Points Earned Score
1.      Documentation

Of Data

Evaluatespathophysiology, risk factors, meds, diagnostic testing, assessment indicated, medical treatment and non-medical treatment


Most data documented but missing some critical points Missing many factors Missing data,

No effort made

2.      Relationships connected


Pertinent relationships shown between parts of the concept map. Links logically. Accurate, spelling &grammatically correct Shows some relationships but is not complete. Acceptable effort Little effort made to show connections between parts.


Unable to follow, very unclear,

No effort made.

3.      Easily readable Easy to follow, very clear and useful uncluttered


Difficult to follow Very difficult to follow Missing data 10  
4.      Integration of client


High level of understanding of the problem Medium level of understanding the problem Minimal under-standing of the client No understanding 10  
5.      Nursing Diagnoses 3 Nursing Diagnoses 2 Nursing Diagnoses Only 1 problem identified No nursing diagnosis


Concept Map


10 5


1 0 Possible Points Earned Score
6.      A.


Specific, measurable

goal (s) that are behavioral

Some appropriate, measurable goals Goals not measurable or behavior related No goals identified 10  
7.      B. Implementation of nursing


3 or more interventions

Written with rationales

2 interventions


Only 1 intervention written No


8.      Evaluation criteria 3 or more evaluation criteria written 2 evaluation criteria Only 1 evaluation criteria No evaluation of any criteria 10  
9.      Evidence Evidence listed supporting

Criteria or concepts

Some evidence supporting some criteria Only 1 criteria supported No supported criteria or concepts 10  
10.  Concepts relevant to the main topic All major concepts included A few major concepts included Only 1 major

or irrelevant concept included

No concepts 10  
11.  Main concepts are easily identified Using larger font, a graphic, or other means of emphasis. All important concepts/sub-concepts included.

Connections stand out-well organized, logical manner, succinct-connections are linked logically-labels are accurate and concise, focused

Only a few concepts standout.

Not all connections made, many vital pieces missing

One concept stands out-

A few connections made

No concepts

Highlighted or

Emphasized- No connections made

  TOTAL POINTS       100 Points Students



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