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Write an essay of 4 pages in length in which you answer the following question: Compare and contrast any of the five assigned articles which address issues of power and politics in terms of their use of their use of a theoretical argument and the evident that they cite in order to bolster their individual argument. For each article, specify an interpretation of power and indicate both what you see as the author’s reason for this interpretation and the conclusions that each author reaches based on his or her arguments and example.
1-Martin Gilens and Benjamin I. “Testing theories of American politics: elites, interest groups, and average citizens”
2-Michael McQuarrie- “Sociology has a Trump problem”
3-Fred Block-“Reinventing social democracy for the 21st century”
4-Silke Roth “Contemporary counter-movement in the age of Brexit and Trump”
5-William Domhoff- “The class domination theory of power


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Compare and contrast Assignment | Custom Homework Help
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