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I’m doing the play “Trifles” by Susan Glaspell and “Let America Be America Again” by Langston Hughes. My title is “The Racial and Misogynistic America” and my thesis is “The play “Trifles,” and the poem “Let America Be America Again” take place in a much more racial and misogynistic America, furthermore, arguing that both of these works are about the inequality faced during these times will help in understanding their commonalities.” I don’t like my thesis but that is what I want to be argued in the paper, if you could change the thesis to sound better that would be great.

Be sure you choose works with a strong enough thematic similarity to be unified by a single analysis. You need a thesis statement that is about both works and your interpretation of the comparison.
Be mindful of the structure of your research paper. Thesis-and-support essay structure is required. That means you need a fully functional introduction paragraph, including a hook, the orientation, and your thesis statement I (in that order). Don’t quote from the literature in your introduction and don’t quote from your research in the introduction paragraph. Save synthesis for supporting paragraphs.

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Comparative research paper Assignment | Custom Homework Help
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Supporting paragraphs also require structure. Each has a topic sentence at the beginning or after the transition, a sufficient number of evidence sentences, which is where your synthesis belongs (quotes from sources), and a summary statement that reinforces the idea (or unit of support) covered in the paragraph.

Transitional elements (phrases and sentences) are required to bridge ideas between sentences and paragraphs.

The final draft is a minimum of 5 1/2 pages and requires 5 academic/peer-reviewed secondary sources quoted as effective support for your thesis statement.

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