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Child Health & Development

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Child Health & Development Assignment | Professional Essay Writers
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Due: July 3rd, 2020 @ 11:59PM


You are to write a 8-page (double spaced) research paper on a child health condition. Your research paper will require you to address the following questions:

  • How do you define and identify the particular condition you have chosen?
  • Identify how the condition presents itself in children at various developmental stages of their lives?
  • How is it assessed or diagnosed? Who completes the assessments?
  • What are some practical approaches to dealing with the condition?


Once you have addressed the above questions in essay format, you will then choose one of the developmental factors (Physical Development, Cognitive Development, or Social Development) and write the application portion:

  • Choose your developmental concern.
  • Discuss a minimum of 2 challenges that impact your developmental factor.
  • Given your understanding of the challenges you have presented, you will then provide a minimum of 1 intervention for each challenge.


NOTE:  You are required to write in APA format, use a minimum of 5 peer reviewed articles to defend your information and provide APA format references in this paper.  This paper requires a title page and reference page and in text citations, making the entire paper 12 pages (absolute maximum).

IMPORTANT NOTICE:  Work that is not referenced or properly cited is considered to be plagiarism and will result in a grade of 0.


Check List:

Addressing the questions ●        An accurate definition of the disability/disorder

●        Strong understanding and good explanation of how disability or disorder is presented in individuals

●        Identify 2 or more policy/programs that are related to children with the disability/disorder


Challenges ●        Identify 2 challenges of the factor you have chosen

●        Describe in depth, how these challenges impact on development

●        2 examples of how those challenges impact daily life management

Interventions ●        Identify 1 intervention per factor (2 overall)

●        Identify the goal of the intervention

References ●        Reference page is correct

●        In text citations are correct

●        5 or more references were used


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