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Your answers to the assignment questions should be well developed and convey your understanding of the course materials. Formulate responses in your own words (do not merely copy answers from your reading materials), citing text materials where appropriate and in an appropriate manner

Please respond to the following questions. Please make sure to document ALL sources you use, even the text, in a works cited / reference section. Failure to do so will result in a 10% reduction in your grade.

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Child Development Assignment | College Homework Help
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1. Describe the major milestones in motor development in early childhood, and explain how this information could be used by parents and teachers.

2. Explain at least two examples of a Piagetian conservation task. Compare and contrast Piaget’s and Gelman’s analyses of children’s success or failure on a conservation task.

3. Compare and contrast any two theories of gender development. Indicate whether these theories contradict each other, or whether an eclectic use of them would enhance our understanding of gender development.

4. Explain the four types of parenting styles, and describe the personalities of children who experience each type of parenting.

5. Describe the consequences of childhood obesity, and explain why middle and late childhood is an especially difficult time for a child to be obese.

6. Describe autism spectrum disorders, including a discussion of what is known about their causes.

7. Compare and contrast popular, rejected, controversial, and neglected children.

8. Identify and explain what factors influence who will be your friend. Describe the six functions of friendship.

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