Characteristic in breeding and evolutionary processes Assignment | Get Paper Help

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Characteristic in breeding and evolutionary processes Assignment | Get Paper Help
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Study Questions

  1. Imagine that you are breeding a specific type of plant or animal and there is a characteristic (a phenotypic trait) that you want your breed to have, but it is a recessive trait in that species and none of the current generation you have to work with display the desired phenotype. Is it possible to devise a breeding plan that will result in that characteristic becoming universal among each subsequent generation? And How?
  2. Try to imagine a hypothetical breeding population and its gene pool (collectively, all the various alleles present in the whole population) – it doesn’t matter what species you think of; it could be elephants or grasshoppers. Imagine both a huge breeding population (millions of individuals) and a very small one (perhaps just dozens of individuals). Why would the smaller population be more strongly or easily affected by evolutionary processes than the larger one?


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