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There are two parts of this assignment, label them part 1 and 2. I’m attaching the instruction of the assignment and the template should be used in part 1 only.


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Case Study nursing home/ financial manager role Assignment | Professional Writing Services
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Week 2 Assignment Instruction

Instructions: Complete a Managerial Report based upon the case study and your selected role which is financial manager. The healthcare setting in the report will be based upon the course’s selected case study and the role will be based upon your selected role for the course. An example Managerial Report Template has been provided for your reference, ensure each section is completed with sufficient details. Student are welcome to customize their report, but all aspects of the report must be completed with the appropriate amount of details for each section. Please provide a separate APA cover page and APA reference page with the managerial report that includes at least two credible sources. (Refer to the Announcement Page for the case or the Week 1 Content.)    Managerial Report Template PDF    Managerial Report Template Word Document  (Student may elect to use the Word document, if desired. Please appropriately adjust the spacing and formatting, when entering your information into the report.)

The managerial report should include the following items:

  1. Managerial Issue Defined: Identification of one managerial issue with the information on the severity, impact, and scope. Ensure the report includes the appropriate amount of details for each element of the managerial issue, impact, severity, and scope. Note:

Impact: An effect one event makes on the other.  For example, the impact would be the restriction to the health services accessibility for all area residents served by the hospital due to the impacted transportation and infrastructure systems. Another impact point could have been the lowered capacity of the hospital to offer health care services to all served area residents (in-patient and out in the community) due to the power failure.

Severity: The fact or condition of being severe. Talking about the severity you needed to concentrate on the wider community. For example, a snowstorm affected a half of the served area living in widespread geographic allocation. The power failure and infrastructure issues would generate public health issues in the community. That should serve as an argument that this is a severe situation for the only health service organized institution in the area which duty is to prevent and mitigate public health issues along with offering routine services.

Scope:  The opportunity or possibility to do or deal with something.  Power failure and the infrastructure system failure in the community restrict the scope of hospital influence (opportunity and possibility) on the natural disaster and associated health issues developing in the community.

  1. Identify 2 Healthcare Case Study Issues: Discuss at least two healthcare-related characteristics of the case.
  2. Role Perspective: Offer insight to the situation through the lens of your role.
  3. Identify a Minimum of 2 Policies, Laws, and/or Regulations with Responsible Parties Information: Describe the two policies, laws, or regulations and include a discussion on the responsible parties such as the government agency or regulatory body.
  4. Explain Your Role for Managing the Situation: Offer at least two specific tasks or steps that you can conduct to appropriately address the issues.
  5. Identify at Least 2 Stakeholders: Provide a response that includes two stakeholders that your role will work with to address the issues, explain the relationship of the stakeholder to your role, and why this relationship is important.
  6. Provide at least 2 credible sourceswith corresponding in-text citations.

Full sentences with proper grammar, articulation, and punctuation are required throughout the report. Provide the in-text citations throughout the report for the supervising manager’s reference.

Example of Responses for a HIPAA & Compliance Director for a Case Study Involving an Urgent Care Setting: (Please note that these examples may not be used in your submission and the responses are not reflective of a managerial report format.)

  • High severity issue: Potential for patient safety violations, Protected Health Information (PHI) violations, and Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) violations.(Note: Offer supporting details on the severity level.)
  • Impact-HIPAA violations, PHI exposed, patients’ information at risk, and patient safety at risk. (Note: Offer supporting details on the impact.) Scope-Operational, Clinical, & Legal. (Note: Offer supporting details on the scope.)
  • Urgent Care Case Study: 2 Issues– Patient tracking issues and staff unaware of patients’ locations including the collection of blood and urine. (Note: Offer supporting details regarding the two issues for the assigned course’s case study, clearly stating the issues as each one relates to the role and healthcare setting.)
  • Role Perspective– Compliance & HIPAA Director: Address the identified issues to minimize the risks, ensuring all aspects of compliance are clearly defined, while following all regulatory elements, rules, and laws. (Note: Describe your role as this leader related to the response provided.)
  • 2 Policies/Laws with Regulatory Parties– Apply HIPAA regulations to the issues and revise the organization’s PHI policy. Students do not need to identify specific regulatory definitions but need to demonstrate an understanding of HIPAA regulations and PHI policies for this example. The regulatory parties that may be involved with these laws include the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) including CMS surveyors, the Joint Commission, or the Department of Health and Human Services’ Office for Civil Rights (OCR) related to HIPAA enforcement. (Note: Students must include the regulatory body for the selected policies, laws, or regulations that will be presented in the managerial report.)
  • 2 Collaborative Stakeholders: Under this scenario, two collaborative stakeholders could be the facility manager and the risk manager. (Note: Discuss how, and why, these two stakeholders were selected, offer a discussion on their roles associated to your role, and provide information to the importance of their role.



Week 3 Assignment Instruction

Role Playing Exercise- Your supervising manager has shared the many of the leaders have identified some issues for the each of their different job roles. Your supervising manager would like you to email the identified issues to them so each leaders’ issues and solutions can be appropriately reviewed with each of the interdisciplinary teams. 


Apply the key concepts, policies, and trends in the US health care sector in order to identify challenges in the management of health care organizations.

The assignment must be based upon your selected job role and the selected course’s case study.

Write a professionally-crafted email to address to the supervising manager (your faculty) with regard to the predisposing factors affecting the health care services delivery situation at that time. This submission does not require citations or references. The goal is to demonstrate your critical thinking (analysis and application of the general concepts) in the assessment of a health care sector service delivery.

Post your email in your interdisciplinary group discussion area and submit your organizational announcement into your assignment dropbox.

  1. Identify and Discuss at Least Two Issues Based on Your Job Role: List a minimum of two issues that contributedto the situation from the perspective of your job role. For example, if your role is the supply chain management one of the issues might be the absence of the sharp disposal containers due to flood in the warehouse where they are stored off-site.
  2. Identify and Discuss Potential Solutions for Each Issue:  Recommend a realistic solution to each of the listed issues. For example, recommend using thick plastic water containers labelled with permanent markers as a temporary solution.  (Do not use the provided example in your submissions).
  3. Identify and Discuss the Workforce and Stakeholders: List the workforce and stakeholders necessary to achieve the proposed solutions. For example, the food supplier/manager needs to be contacted about the empty water containers. The custodial chief needs to be contacted about the storage locations and restrictions enforcement.


  1. Know the definitions of terms: predisposing factors
  2. Make sure the factors and proposed solutions are reasonable and achievable. Do not make general or common sense statements.  Think about how you would address these issue in real life and consider the solutions you may propose to address these issues in your job role.
  3. Learn how to write a professionally-written email, crafted to your supervising manager regarding the issues you have identified with potential solutions along with the details regarding the workforce as well as stakeholders. Know the name of your Supervising Manager.


Managerial Report for Supervising Manager: Input Date Here

Page 1 of 2


Manager’s Name and Role:


Healthcare Setting:



Managerial Issue:

Impact& Details:


Severity& Details:


Scope& Details:


Two Healthcare Setting Issues:

  1. First Healthcare-Related Issue with Characteristics Defined:



  1. Second Healthcare-Related Issue with Characteristics Defined:




Managerial Role Perspective Details:





Managerial Report for Supervising Manager: Input Date Here

Page 2 of 2


Two Policies, Laws, or Regulations with Responsible Parties Information:

  1. First Policy, Law, or Regulation Information:


1a.: Responsible Party, Regulatory Agency, or Regulatory Body Information:



  1. Second Policy, Law, or Regulation Information:


2a.: Responsible Party, Regulatory Agency, or Regulatory Body Information:



Situation Management- Two Specific Tasks or Steps to Address the Issues:

  1. Details: First Task or Step to Address the Issues:




  1. Details: Second Task of Step to Address the Issues:



Two Stakeholders Defined with Details:

  1. First Stakeholder, Role Support, and Stakeholder Importance:




  1. Second Stakeholder, Role Support, and Stakeholder Importance:

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