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Earlier in this course, you were assigned to a team for the Oral Argument course project. Your team was assigned to represent either the plaintiff or the defendant in the Capshaw Versus CapraTek case, which is presented in the CapraTek: Capshaw Versus CapraTek multimedia piece (linked in the assignment Resources). At the start of this unit, review the multimedia piece, the Oral Argument assignment, and the Oral Argument project description.

Your team will present its oral argument to the instructor in a conference call next week. Working in your team, continue to refine the content of your oral argument, and define the methods, strategies, and tactics you will use. Consider any legislation implicated, any case law implicated, and any distinction between good HRM practice and legal culpability. You should not need to conduct research of materials outside those given in this course in order to complete this project. You can reference cases, legislation, and unit introductions that are presented in this course.

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Case Construction and Oral Argument: A Primer for HR Professionals Assignment | Professional Essay Writers
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With your team, create a 1–2 page outline defining how you will present your oral argument. Your outline should briefly address each of the topics you will present. Organize and present your outline in a clear manner. Format your outline according to the structure you intend to use in presenting your oral argument. The following is one possible format that might be suitable:

Analysis: Apply the identified rule to the issues in your case. Address the weaknesses in your side’s case and consider the opposite side of the case.

In your outline, indicate how the work on your oral argument was divided between team members. Be sure to note which team members worked on each segment of the oral argument (whether or not they will be the ones presenting it in the conference call). Your instructor will use your outline as a reference when reviewing your team’s work, and provide you with feedback. You are expected to incorporate the instructor’s feedback into both the oral presentation and the written component of the assignment next week.

Review the Oral Argument project description and the Oral Argument Outline Scoring Guide to ensure that you have addressed the expectations for this assignment. Note that the grading criteria for this outline assignment match the first six criteria for the project assignment next week.

Select one member of your team to submit your Oral Argument Outline in this assignment. The names of all team members should be provided with the outline. All others on your team should submit a comment to the instructor in the assignment area, indicating who submitted the final version of the assignment for the team. Important: In order to receive a grade for this assignment, you must submit at least the comment in the assignment area.

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