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Career or Grad Program Research Report for Online audience


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Landing a job in a chosen career or being accepted into a graduate program is a process that begins with obtaining relevant, targeted informationthrough research. For this writing project, you will research and write up factual details about EITHER a specific career and company OR a specific graduate degree program and school. You will format this report for an online reader, and employ digital strategies for including a mixture of sources.


Learning Outcomes for this project:

  • Obtain relevant information through effective researchfor futureuse in job or grad school application materials.
  • Demonstrate an ability tosynthesize information and implement digital solutions for documenting sources.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of successful writing strategies for online readers, including the use of multimedia sources, interactive hyperlinks, subheadings, and chunked writing.
  • Createa written report of approximately 1,000 words using a straightforward, non-conversational and non-opinionated style.



The first step in the process is to conduct research to find specificinformation relevant to your goalswithin a career path or academic field, as well as about the organization (company or school) to which you might submit an application. Your research goals should be as specific and directed as possible. Look for the following information:


  1. Required qualifications that you must meet in order to be considered for the position or program.
  2. Requirements of doing the job or completing the grad program.
  3. Salary, benefits, advancement opportunities (job); costs, financial aid, student employment opportunities (grad school).
  4. Relevant facts & info about location, mission statement, outreach, reputation, company or school culture, etc.
  5. Specific focuses within your career path or academic field: research that interests you, individuals of importance with whom you might want to work, newsworthy achievements that relate to your goals, etc.


Use the links posted in Module 2 on Canvas to get started, and then perform a focused Internet search to dig deeper. You are required to use sources both from the company’s or university’s own website AND from sources outside their own material. This ensures a thorough and unbiased mix of sources.




  1. The content ofareportis based solely on the research you do and does not include personal commentary, opinions, or references to oneself. (No   2 “I” or “me.”)


  1. Because it is to be composed as an online text, you will incorporate digital resources, including hyperlinks, videos and images. Use the Insert tool of your Word or other word processing software to do this.Note: when reading your document within Turnitin, these links will not be functional, but they will show up as being there by the underlined formatting that automatically happens. I can download your submission as a Word file or PDF to test functionality when I grade it.


  1. Research shows that online readersprefer to read small chunks of information rather than longer text passages and respond to visual cues to hold their interest. Therefore, your report must include the following:
  • Subheadings to mark sections of your text. These subheadings should clearly indicate what the reader should expect to learn about in the section they head up.
  • One or two images that convey visual information about the company or school.
  • One video that conveys information about the company or school. Use a hyperlink to take the reader to the video.


  1. This report is not an academic-style paper. Therefore you should not use academic style citations or footnotes to document your sources. Rather, you will document all sources using hyperlinks within your text that take your reader directly to your sources. To do so, follow the guidelinesin the handout posted in Module 2, “Integrating Sources With Hyperlinks” for detailed instructions on how to do this correctly.


  1. Do not simply cut and paste information from sources; you are tocompose this write-up, showing an ability to synthesize information, paraphrase and quote directly when appropriate,and attribute information properly to their original sources (see #4 above).


  1. This report is all about the facts, and not about how you feel about those facts, your process of discovery, your goals, or your interests.Therefore, your writing style should be straightforward and impartial–no opinions, no personal comments, no self-references. Keep your focus solely on the career or graduate program, and the company, organization or school you might be applying to in the future.


  1. The finished report should be approximately 1,000 words(give or take 100 words in either direction), in block format (single-spaced with a double space between sections, no indenting) and subheadings in bold (you can also use color and/or make them slightly larger, if you wish).



Your report’s grading rubric will be based on the following criteria:

  • The quality & relevancy of your research: Sources must be of high quality, reflecting a thorough and thoughtful research process, including an adequate mix of sources from both within and outside the company or school, that will help you to target your future resume and application process.


  • The accuracy of source attribution& documentation, using digital hyperlinks to take readers directly to your sources consistently and skillfully.


  • The quality of your writing: Well written sentences and paragraphs, no typos or writing errors, successful synthesis of researched information, straightforward style with no personal opinion, easy-to-follow structure, skillful paraphrasing, and no plagiarism.


  • The skill of preparing a document for online readers: clearly written subheadings, text sections that are chunked to be relatively short (~1-3 paragraphs), skilled placement of hyperlinks, and multimedia sources.

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