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Can you separate parts one and two (1.1 and 1.2)? My professor provided separate links for each part, although they both make up the proposal for my research paper.

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Capstone Proposal / Prep Assignment | Top Essay Writing
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Assignment 1.1: Reflection and Develop a Research Paper Proposal
(1-2 pages)
Based on the result of your research from Reading 1.1 and Exercise 1.1, prepare a research paper proposal for a paper that will thoroughly research a IT profession or IT subject. Your proposal should demonstrate the application of relevant theories, concepts, skills, and information obtained about that profession.
Students should be prepared to discuss their proposal with instructional faculty. Faculty may assist in the student in designing the content and structure of your capstone. The proposal should address the following questions:
What is your research question that your research paper is seeking an answer for?
Why is this subject important?
What is your personal interest in the subject?
What do you wish to learn from researching this subject?
Can you find and include at least 10 legitimate research sources in your paper on the subject? (Review Exercise 1.2 before answering this). If you answer “no”, a different subject should be selected.
What methodologies will you use in identifying and selecting the data you use in your research?
This assignment will be subject to revision and critique in collaboration with your instructor to give you detailed written feedback on the validity and viability of your project.
Research Paper Proposal
Activity Details
Perform the following steps:
Step 1: Research.
Research the question by using the Internet, NAU Cline Library, and the case studies you found.

Step 2: Organize your information.
Your proposal should discuss the all information that you will explore in your research paper.
Step 3: Write your paper.
The proposal should take simple essay paragraph form. Title page, Abstract, and reference page are not required.


Assignment 1.2: Develop your Preliminary Sources
(2 pages)
In order to narrow and focus on your proposed research, you need to research relevant sources. Legitimate sources as discussed in Exercise 1.2 are important to the credibility of your paper.
List of sources that have been identified for your research paper.
Activity Details
Perform the following steps:
Step 1: Gather your sources.
Collect a minimum of 10 sources for your research paper.

Step 2: Organize your sources.
Create a list with the sources. Write a description of each identified source with an explanation of how it will be used within your paper (i.e. This source provides information about the history of databases starting in 1968 that will help me write my Literature Review.)
Step 3: Write your paper.
Save and submit your assignment.
The list needs to be submitted in accordance with the guidelines for proper organization and citation of scholarly submissions, to include:
Use paper of 8½x11 size.
Pages should be double-spaced, 12-point Times font, and 1-inch margins on all four sides of the paper.
Include page numbers and a header with your last name only.
Format for literature citation must be according to the APA Formatting and Style Guide
Refer to Purdue Online Writing Center if needed

NAU Mail – Word Count or Page Count for Project Proposal

I appreciate that you are trying your hardest. We are living through a difficult time. I much prefer quality over volume
and I am not as concerned about the length as much as the paper being well written.
A great deal depends upon the topic because on some topics need more information than others. Choose one that
has meaning to you and that you want to know more about. It will become easier for you to produce a good capstone
this way. You didn’t take the pretest so I don’t have any idea of your topic of choice.
Focus on writing a knowledgeable and detailed account of your subject, supported with professional sources of
information. Having more sources translates to being easier to produce a greater amount of detail in your paper. I see
a direct correlation between the number of sources, quality of sources, and the length of the papers. For example,
students have trouble producing a high quality capstone when they try to get by with less than 10 sources of
information, information pulled from SEO content, and non-authoritative blogs. It is very difficult to write a good
research paper without enough, good sources of information.
Most capstones are around 16-20 pages, including all the pages. However, I have had some as long as 50 pages.
Others been 13 or 14 pages. It is difficult to know what was enough until I see the paper and can read it.
Assignment 1.1 is a explanation of what your topic is and how you intend to cover it in your paper. It helps me
understand what you intend to do and give me an opportunity to provide you some guidance before you start writing.
One full page or two pages is enough usually.
Assignment 1.2 provides a list of your initial sources that you will begin writing with. I use it to judge whether you have
enough professional quality information to begin writing the paper. The more sources that you use, the easier it
becomes for you to write a high quality paper. It is understood that there will be some changes before you finish in
Best wishes for your continued good health,

Instructional Faculty – CIT127, CIT294, CIT311, CIT341, CIT490/BBA465
NAU Mail – Word Count or Page Count for Project Proposal

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