CANADA GOOSE INC – Case Analysis Essay | Online Homework Help

Please read the case study of “CANADA GOOSE INC.: AT A RETAIL CROSSROADS “, then write a two-page single space(which is the same as four-page double space” analysis essay. The detailed direction and format is listed on doc”Direction and rubric”, please just follow that format.


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CANADA GOOSE INC – Case Analysis Essay | Online Homework Help
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Case Analysis Write-up (CAW)


A CAW should be an effective, maximum two single-spaced page write-up.  It should contain three key sections, and headings are required.  The sections are as follows:


Issue Identification: Identify twokey issues in the situation.  Every situation has a number of issues and your task is to identify the major issues that you will focus your analysis on.  In this section, you should consider what it is that the protagonist wants to accomplish.  (Look for statements like: “He was wondering if he could do…”  Such statements can very often be found in the opening and closing paragraphs of the case.)


Problem Analysis: In this section, you should address whythings are happening, rather than merely describing what is occurring.  That is, what are the causes or factors that produced the situation?  What theories or practices can help explain the underlying difficulty or opportunity?  Do not repeat history or rehash the case.  Make good use of the relevant data in the case; be creative. You should write this section with the goal of linking the problem to the solutions that you propose in the next section. You are essentially building a logical case for the idea that your recommendations are reasonable.


Recommendations: Make your recommendations. Your recommendations should be based on thoughtful analysis rather than on “feelings.” Be sure that your recommendations follow logically from your analysis and treat problems not symptoms.  Questions that should be answered include: What course of action do you recommend in this situation?  What are the expected outcomes? What are the inherent risks and challenges? What aspect(s) of the problem will remain unsolved?  Under what conditions would you expect your recommendations to be successful, and what conditions could cause them to fail? Be as specific as you can and justify that your proposed course of action represents a successful strategy.


Point allocation: 100 points possible for the

Case Analysis Write-up: 100 points

  • Issue Identification – 20 points
  • Problem Analysis – 40 points
  • Recommendations – 30 points

Organization, clarity, grammar, punctuation, and spelling – 10 points

4 pages / 1100 words

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