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Please refer very carefully to the attached requirements.
VERY IMPORTANT: please separate each section of the paper exactly as is indicated in the attached outline, BY TITLE as this is the way it has been requested from me.
The Business Plan should be on a newly developed company. I’m leaving it up to the writer to choose and decide on a field (healthcare, real estate, technology, etc.), it could be pretty much anything the writer feels passionate about. Should the writer has any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me immediately.

Business Proposal Plan


Section #


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Business Proposal Plan Assignment | Professional Essay Writers
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I Executive Summary
II Vision Statement

Mission Statement

Value Proposition Statement

Company Description

III Industry Analysis and Trends (Incl. Five Forces, PESTEL, Strategic Mapping, Benchmarking, Driving Forces, etc.)
IV Business Goals/Objectives [SMART goals]
V The Competition
VI Marketing Plans and Strategies (Marketing Mix)
VII Target Market [Profile(s) and Description(s)]
VIII Strategic Position and Risk Assessment (incl. SWOT analysis; description of business risk and plan for reducing these risks)
IX Keys to Success
X Operations Plan
XI Technology Plan
XII Management and Organization
XIII Community Involvement and Social Responsibility
XIV Development, Milestones and Contingency/Exit Plan
XV The Financials
  ü  Financial Objectives

ü  Sales and Expense Forecast

ü  Break-even Analysis

ü  Financial Control

ü  Financial Statements and Ratio Analysis

  o   Income Statement: Annual

o   Income Statement: Three-Year Projection

o   Cash-Flow Projection: Monthly

o   Cash Flow: One-Year Projection

o   Balance Sheet: Annual

o   Balance Sheet: One-Year Projection

o   List and Sources of Funds

o   Assumptions Sheet


Plan Breakdown

  1. Introductory Content
·     Table of contents

·     Statement of purpose

·   Executive summary

·     Mission statement

·   Business objectives

·   Company description

·   Description of staffing (key Personnel)


  1. Market Analysis
·    Analysis of the real industry

·   Analysis of  the virtual enterprise industry

·   Marketing plan

o   Product

o   Price

o   Placement

o   Promotion

o   Target market

o   Market segmentation


  1. Situation or SWOT Analysis
Situation or SWOT Analysis

·   Internal Audit:

Strengths & Weaknesses

·   External Audit:

    Opportunities & Threats

·     Discussion of Business Risks



  1. Operating Procedures
·         Location

·         Explanation of how the firm (as relevant to the business):

o   Acquires products/ services

o   Stores products

o   Distributes products/services


  1. Financial Data
·   Balance sheet

·   3- Year projected income


·   1-Year projected cash flow statement

·   Break-even analysis

·   Explanation of financials

·   The projections that support the business plan

Note: Start-ups should include Source(s) for start-up funding and Budget Projections


Please focus also on Feasibility and Quality of Plan

·   Logical organization

·   Print quality

·   Creativity

·   Professional layout and binding

·   Graphics, charts, diagrams, etc.

·   Writing quality


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