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Your eagerness to get started has produced interview results from the interview you conducted with a Top Pizza owner who is the most knowledgeable of the pizza order and delivery process. The interview results captured are as follows:

“At Top Pizza (“store”) we receive a call from a customer requesting to order a pizza. (Most of our phone orders the customer knows what they want as they are repeat customers).

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Business Process Modelling – Lucid Chart Assignment | Professional Writing Services
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The customer provides the pizza order to the pizza chef (yes, the pizza chef takes orders), where the pizza chef writes down the customer’s order on an order ticket.

The pizza chef will ask the customer if this order is a delivery or an in-store pick-up. In the case the pizza order is for in-store pick-up the pizza chef will mark the order ticket as a “pick-up”. If the pizza order is for delivery, the pizza chef will request and confirm the customer’s name, address, and phone number and mark the order ticket as “delivery”.

After the phone order is completed, the pizza chef refers to the order ticket to prepare the pizza, bakes the pizza, and places the finished pizza order on either the customer pick-up or delivery shelf along with the order ticket. The customer will either wait for the pizza order delivery or proceed to Top Pizza to pick-up their pizza order.

For delivery pizza orders, the delivery person will take the finished pizza from the delivery pick-up shelf, review the order ticket to verify the customer delivery address, and leave to deliver pizza.

When the delivery person arrives at the customer’s address, they confirm the customer’s name and provide’s the customer with their pizza order. In exchange, the customer provides a delivery person with payment for the pizza order. The delivery person then returns to the store.”

When the customer arrives at Top Pizza to pick-up their pizza order, the pizza chef takes the pizza from the customer pick-up shelf and hands over to the customer in exchange for payment received from the customer.

Using your newly developed Business Process Management skills and learnings, perform the following items for Top Pizza:

1. Create a BPMN diagram using Lucidchart that represents the current pizza order and delivery process for Top Pizza. (10) Points

2. Provide analysis of the current pizza order and delivery process considering the following request from the Top Pizza owner: (5) Points

“In the order and delivery process, the pizza chef should capture customer information in addition to their pizza order when an order is placed. Also, when a repeat customer calls in an order, the pizza chef can retrieve the customer’s information and their order history.”

What process changes are required to accommodate this request? Does this request impact the order and delivery process’ efficiency and effectiveness, if so, how? Does this request support delighting Top Pizza’s customers? If so, how?

Document your analysis results as an annotation in the BPMN diagram created in item 1.

3. Create a redesign BPMN model for Top Pizza’s order and delivery process based on item 2. (5) Points

Lab Submission Requirements: For this Lab, submit a single pdf (with 2 diagrams – current state and future state) file exported from Lucidchart that addresses items 1-3. Use annotated comments on diagrams to answer questions contained in each item.

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