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It is more important for designers to consider the experience of the customer when designing new services than when designing new products. Critically discuss.

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The question may be similar to those two:
– Critically evaluate the co-creation role of the customer in the process of service development.
– It is more important for designers to consider the experience of the customer when designing new services than when designing new products. Critically discuss.

All questions are critical analysis questions that require you to develop an argument for or against the proposition in the question and to support your argument with empirical and theoretical evidence.
A good strategy is to define the scope of the issue addressed by the question, put the case for, the case against and to draw some overall conclusions. These may be qualified, rather than accepting or rejecting the proposition outright, depending on your interpretation and assessment of the issue.
The emphasis in this type of assessment is not to demonstrate how much you know, but how well you understand what you know and your ability to make a well-supported argument with critical judgement.
Try to develop a critical argument rather than a description of factual information.
Make sure you have a conclusion that is consistent with your argument.
Sources are expected to draw primarily on the reading list

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