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Business Model Canvas Composition + Explanatory Notes

Please use the structure below and fill it ( its an assignment where we have to do the business canvas and the notes

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Problem Statement

The local population in Nigeria are not properly educated on the importance of hand hygiene and its direct correlation with illnesses like diarrhoea and respiratory infections. Although some hand sanitizing products are available in this market, they are often too expensive for the average consumer (anyone have data supporting this?).


This business idea finds a solution that works alongside relevant partners to educate on the importance of hand hygiene and provide sanitizing products for those in need at no cost to the beneficiaries.

Who is our customer?
There are two types of customers that will be engaged. The first is FMCG companies with disinfectant products and dispensaries. The second is sponsors with an interest to increase hand hygiene in the targeted areas.

What do we sell?
– To FMCG companies, this business is an entry point to reach untapped, rural areas in need of hand sanitizing products. It is also a way to secure sales revenue for a determined period of time and increase brand awareness in local communities.
– To sponsors, this is a solution to increase hand hygiene, which has many added benefits (ie. increased school and workplace attendance, decrease in healthcare costs) relevant to them. Their involvement also increases their brand value, as they are seen as a partner who creates social impact in these communities.

How to do business?
At its core, this is a sales and marketing service for the customers. We engage FMCG companies to provide the initial products and dispensaries that will be installed in public places in affected areas. We will also find sponsors to fund the refilling and maintenance of these dispensary for a set amount of time. Education and marketing campaigns focusing on hand hygiene will be created and led by our business to increase knowledge and push local communities to use public dispensaries habitually.

Cost Structure

The cost to implement and maintain the physical dispensaries will be divided between the two customers. The FMCG companies will fund the initial product and dispensary along with the installation in the rural area. However, the maintenance and refilling of the dispensary stations will be paid for by the local sponsors. Our business will receive a percentage of any sales (to refill or potential future) from this community (CMIIW Ryan).

There will be a tiered fee structure for the local sponsors. The higher the tier, the more presence and prominence their brand will be presented in the marketing and education campaigns.

Our business will create and lead the education and marketing campaigns, so the majority of our cost will be the human capital and the different channels used (ie. tv, billboards, social media) for distribution.

Organizational Structure and Plan

This is a nonprofit business, so all revenue will be funnelled back to the cause. However, the strategy and focus may change based on context and resources. For the first few years, all efforts will go towards creating the most effective and impactful education and marketing campaigns and implementing this model throughout Nigeria and potentially internationally??.

However if enough education and behavioural change is seen in the local communities, a future strategy might be to also focus on B2C sales for the FMCG companies to sell sanitizing products directly to households, instead of public places.

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