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I am an international student who studies Bachelor degree. I am studying a major called “Supply Chain and operations”. The dissertation will be 8000 words. The research will be secondary and primary research.


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Currently, the university sent me an email saying that I have to create/choose a dissertation topic/title that I want to write about. After choosing the title/topic, I have to write a “dissertation short proposal (100 words)” for that title. Therefore, I am requesting you to give me the best suitable 2dissertation titles/topicsof supply chain or operations or boththat you think you will help me to get A+.Then, I will choose one of them.


Please when you are choosing the title, think about many aspects such as:

1-interesting and nice.

2-easy to think, understand and write about.

3-easy to get information and sources about.

4-easy to get A+ and high grades.



Dissertation Title:  


Dissertation short proposal (100 words):  



Dissertation Title:  


Dissertation short proposal (100 words):  





I will have to write a dissertation which is 8000 words. I have to submit part of the dissertation before the Christmas and the other part before May. Also, I will have 6 meetings during the year with a supervisor/lecturer from the university who will be specialized in the topic of my dissertation that  you are going to choose and he will give me feedbacks on my work to make it better, and also check that I am the person who did the work not anyone else. All these mean that we will be working for a long time and I will request revisions; I will request the references/sources and I will request you to explain for me things before I meet the supervisor and other things, so you should be flexible with me. “Therefore, what is the best topic/title for you that will help me to get A+ and you have great experience in it”. Please remember that this is a dissertation for the final year and the marking criteria/level will be extremely high and complicated.


Don’t worry About the money. I will pay you more, if you provide me with very great/professional papers.


Thank you very much.


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