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Follow the paper guidelines I’ve provided, and submit your work by the 27th. Points will be deducted if not formatted correctly; papers need to be APA or MLA format, contain a title page and bibliography, and any pictures(optional) need to be included behind the bibliography. By submitting this paper, you agree: (1) that you are submitting your paper to be used and stored as part of the SafeAssign™ services in accordance with the Blackboard Privacy Policy; (2) that your institution may use your paper in accordance with your institution’s policies; and (3) that your use of SafeAssign will be without recourse against Blackboard Inc. and its affiliates

At least one paper must come from the Arkansas Art Center.
List of approved Galleries:
UCA and UALR art galleries (no student work)
Hot Springs major galleries (no hobby gift shop reproductions)
Memphis, Dixon Gallery, has sculpture garden, and the Brooks Museum
Historic Arkansas Museum
Cox Creative Center
Crystal Bridges Museum
Public Artwork(Murals, Sculpture Gardens, etc.)
Get approval before writing the paper if the gallery is not on the list. There are many reputable
galleries and museums throughout the state.
Typed double-spaced, normal font size (11-12)
Choose one artwork from an approved gallery. You must experience the real thing. The artwork
may be in any media, 2-1) or 3-1), drawing, painting, art print (such as lithograph, etching,
woodcut, etc.), photograph, sculpture, installation art, etc.
l . Use good essay form. Create an introductory paragraph that introduces the work
chosen: date and site of visit, exhibition title, artwork title, artist’s name, media used
and scale. If some of this information is not available then look it up, do some
research. First look at the title card, then contact museum personnel, library,
Internet, and other references. When writing, titles of artworks are either set in
italics, or are underlined: quotation marks go around exhibition titles.
2. A brief description of the overall exhibition should be made next, followed by a
description of the artwork. Imagine that you are describing it for someone who has
not seen it.
3. Now- Make a bold statement here about your ideas about the artist’s content in this
work. Everything that follows should be used as support for your conclusion.
4. Include correctly each of the elements of art and all the art terms you have learned to
date, including: representational or nonrepresentational, form, subject matter and
others. If the work is a representational piece, speak about the degree of abstraction
used: speak about where abstraction is used, why you think the artist used this degree
of abstraction, and what each abstraction may reveal about content. However, if the
work is a nonrepresentational piece, discuss why you think the artist has chosen to
eliminate subject matter. It is very important to connect each of these observations to
your statement of content. This of course, is the most important aspect of a work of
fine art. Make sure you know the art terms and use them correctly.
5. Use the title card information and your research to show support of your notion of
content. In other words, how do the title, the artist’s name; nationality/ethnicity,
approximate age and gender help you to understand content? How do the society
culture and the times the artist is living in affect your understanding of the content?
If biographical information is available, how does the artist’s personal history affect
your understanding of the content of this work? How do the scale and media indicate
content? Do not rely on your memory of social, political and cultural history. Do the
necessary research to answer these questions.
6. Do not plagiarize-anyone else’s writing. It is illegal,- Use quotation marks, footnotes
or endnotes giving credit to whoever’s writing or ideas you have swiped: Using any of
the acceptable forms of creating a bibliography, attach this to the end of your paper.
7. Consult the UCA Center for Writing and Communication for assistance if
necessary! They are free and available to you for help. Don’t wait until the last
minute; you may need to make an appointment.
Follow all of the above guidelines.
Think of this paper as an open book test giving you an opportunity to pull together what you
have learned about how to look at, evaluate, and appreciate art.

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