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Summarize the information on the architecture and interior in the essay by Dr. William Allen on the Hagia Sophia, Istanbul. (Combine the two sections: (a) video, & (b) text Essay by Dr. William Allen 5+ Topics/ paragraphs including the important points (describe) in each summary for each topic (5+). Describe art and architecture as it appears in each Topic. For each paragraph/topic in the reading, relate important points, topic by topic with a summary, each summary with a line space in-between. A run-on paragraph cannot be graded. Do not cut and paste the reading and then change it because TURNITIN will read it as copying and not as original. Take notes in your own words and then summarize (no quotes). Summaries that are too close to the original text will receive little or no credit. We need to see what you think about what you have read, and viewed. You must be original! here is the article link

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Art Essay Assignment | Essay Help Services
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