Argumentative research paper Assignment | College Homework Help

Prompt: Write a 1500- to 2000-word argumentative essay incorporating multiple scholarly sources.

For your final essay assignment, you will use what you have learned about rhetoric and writing to create your own argumentative research paper. In your essay, you should introduce your topic, present an arguable claim, provide strong and reasonable supporting evidence, address the counter-argument, and tie all your ideas together in a conclusion. You will address all these elements in a clear, organized manner.

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Argumentative research paper Assignment | College Homework Help
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You may write about an argumentative topic of your choice, excluding abortion, drug legalization, gay marriage, or animal rights. Your topic should be inspired by one of the following reading sections:

“Should Public Colleges and Universities Be Free?” (573-585)
“Do College Students Need Trigger Warnings?” (607-631)
“Do Guns Have a Place on College Campuses?” (632-664)
* To be clear, you do not have to respond directly to one of these questions, but you must incorporate at least one reading from one of these sections as support for your argumentative claim*

Research Guidelines:

As you begin to plan your essay, please read and review Chapters 14-18 in Patterns for College Writing. The information in these chapters is crucial to your research process.

*You MUST use and cite at least five credible sources. Any source not found through the Santa Ana College Library database must either come directly from the textbook or be approved by me( PLEASE LET ME KNOW AND I WILL GET APPROVAL) . Google searches and Wikipedia are not credible sources. (-100 pts.)

*You must cite every source both in-text and on a works cited page according to MLA format. Essays that do not have a works cited page will not be graded and will earn 0 points.

*You must include at least five properly formatted direct quotations. (-10 pts)

*You must include at least one, but no more than two, block/long quotations (4 lines). (-10 pts.)
Assignment Requirements:

Your essay must be at least 1500 but no more than 2000 words (excluding the works cited page). Essays that do not follow this guideline will not receive a passing grade.
Essays must be in written in MLA format and include a works cited page. Errors will result in a 15- to 100-point deduction.

Your final draft must be submitted to the Canvas by the posted due date. Late essays will not be accepted


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