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Applications of Programming Principles Assignment | College Homework Help
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Your task is to style and build a web app that consists of:

  1. A front-end web-page. This is to be a single page app made with HTML (provided),

CSS and JavaScript that communicates with a back-end API to load and process user

data. It should:

  1. Display a list of users (including paging).
  2. Display a single user (selected from the user list).
  3. Enable a new user to be created.
  4. Enable a user to be updated.
  5. Enables a user to be deleted.
  6. Use AJAX with JSON to communicate with the back-end API.
  7. A back-end API that supports the front-end functionality. Until you have built your own

API you will use a pre-built test API found at to test your front-end

against. The test endpoints you will need to use are:


(HTTP method in Bold)

(See Appendix A: APP Assignment Figure 1 for a visual overview of this app)


You will be provided with a plain HTML version of the user web page. You should use CSS to

style the page according to the PARC guidelines (see the POP Ethical Design Principles

lecture). Preferably use a CSS framework such as W3.CSS or bootstrap.

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Faculty of Science and Technology – Department of Computing and Informatics

Unit Title: Applications of Programming Principles

Assessment Title: Full Stack App

This is an individual assignment which carries 100% of the final unit mark

Each week lectures and labs will include knowledge and exercises to help you develop the skills

needed to build the application. You will demonstrate a professional approach to software

development by systematically completing lab tasks each week and by keeping a reflective

journal of your progress (on the BrightSpace VLE). Your demonstrators will review your journal

and progress.

Each weekly journal entry should contain the following:

  1. What you have been working on plus progress made.
  2. Issues arising and how you dealt with them.
  3. Some reflective discussion e.g. what you would do better next time.
  4. Sources of knowledge utilized.

You should also use comments to describe your code along with other good coding practices

e.g. naming conventions, indenting, validation etc.

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