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USE Multicultural
Person-Centered Counseling (equity college students who attend a predominately white institution (PWI)

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Anxiety and Academic Performance Assignment | Custom Homework Help
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Students are to write a paper summarizing what they have learned in this class. The following items should be addressed in the paper:

1. Address the counseling theory you are most comfortable using.
2. Give a brief synopsis of the theory and explain the reason you believe this theory would work best for you.
3. Explain why you believe your approach would work best in a school counseling setting and also in an adult counseling setting.
4. Address the major issues discussed in class that you believe are relevant in light of the current world threat in a pandemic.
5. Address how trauma and disasters create anxiety and academic failure.
6. Last section—your biggest take away from this class.

  • Style: APA 7th Edition.
  • Number of pages: 5 pages/double spaced (1375 words)
  • Number of source/references: 5




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