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Suggested Contents of a pre-Supervision Portfolio-for an Independent Research Project [IRP] and/or a Dissertation


  1. Proposed title of your IRP or Dissertation, and explanation.

This can be a working title which you might want to change later. The title should describe what your research is about, and it should be as short as possible. You will be expected to provide a short explanation of the meaning of the title.


  1. Introduction and topic justification. (this section should resemble a short literature review)

A brief outline of the research topic. Why is this topic and your study of it important? What is known about this topic? What other academic wrote/said about the topic? Do you agree with their views? How does your own project fit into the topic or wider field of study to which your topic belongs?


  1. Aims, objectives and research questions. (this section should resemble an extended abstract).

What is the purpose of your research?  What do you want to find out and how are you going to go about it? Give a more detailed statement of your research questions that your thesis will attempt to answer/discuss or defend/test/criticize. Please remember that research questions need to be clear, specific and achievable.


  1. What methodologies will benefit the topic and why?

Discuss potential benefits and limitations of particular approaches in researching your topic. Please avoid producing an abstract discussion of the methodologies – use your own topic to illustrate how the methodologies can be used to help you discuss, analyse and present your findings in academically viable manner.


  1. Scope and limitations.

Discussion of anticipated problems/barriers which might be encountered when doing the research in practice. Issues connected with access to data/sources, viability and accountability should be considered. A discussion of political and ethical dilemmas would be appropriate at this stage.


  1. IRP and/or Dissertation plan.

Chapter headings and brief summaries, so as to highlight how the topics under discussion come together so as to present an holistic approach to addressing the title of your IRP/dissertation


  1. Bibliography and References

Provide detailed bibliography – of no more than 10-15 sources, making full reference to materials you have read in the course of your research and are still planning to read. Your bibliography should indicate in what way and why the sources are relevant for your research. Please make sure that you are using the OSCOLA referencing system.



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