Analysis and Application of a Nursing Theory Assignment | College Homework Help

Using the nursing theory you selected in the Week 4 Collaboration Cafe, consider how the following components would be included in an analysis of that theory:

Origin of the theory
Meaning of the theory
Logical adequacy of the theory
Usefulness of the theory
Generalizability of the theory
Degree of parsimony within the theory
Testability of the theory
What rationale can you provide which validates the selected theory as a framework for nursing practice? Be sure to include scholarly references to support your discussion.


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Analysis and Application of a Nursing Theory Assignment | College Homework Help
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Nursing theories are a set of predictive models supporting nursing practice. The theory approaches help nurses to describe, predict and explain the nursing phenomenon. Nurses can understand what is known as well as any relevant skills required in the nursing field through these theories (Thorne et al., 2018).

In reflection, I found that Dorothea Orem incurs as helpful in my practice engaged as the self-care deficit nursing theory. It reflects a complex theory entity consisting of Theory of self-care, Theory of self-care deficit and the Theory of the nursing systems. Orem’s Theory assumes that individuals need to be independent.  An entity engaged as being responsible for the care of themselves and their respective family. According to the Theory, the entity to knowledge in reflection to potential health problems ascertains to promote self-care behavior. The Theory defines nursing as an act of assisting others to become self-reliant. Its focus is on the ability of an individual to perform self-care (McEwen, & Wills, 2014).

Orem’s Theory ascertains to be helpful as it bases on self-care deficit which provides a broader scope of nursing. It defines nursing as an art, helping service and technology. The Theory as well describes being healthy as more than the absence of disease. According to Orem, health encompasses the physical, social as well as emotional wellbeing of an individual.

The Theory reflects on guiding Nursing Practice in various aspects. Orem’s Theory is applied when determining the element of patient care to focus on under the given situation. It ascertains to guide the assessment, intervention, as well as the evaluation of nursing care. Evaluation of patients requires nurses to understand the strengths, weaknesses, environment as well as the situational needs of the patients. It incurs possible through the application of Orem’s Theory of self-care deficit. The Theory also guides the intervention approaches, which include the creation of short term goals, motivation, as well provision of help with daily activities depending on the etiology of the disease. The intervention approach should aim at helping patients maintain autonomy (Fawcett, & Cody, 2016).


Fawcett, J., & Cody, W. (2016).Scholarly dialogue. On the requirements for a metaparadigm: An Invitation to dialogue. Nursing Science Quarterly, 9(3), 94-106.

McEwen, M., & Wills, E. (2014). The theoretical basis for nursing (4th ed.). Wolters Kluwer/Lippincott Williams & Wilkins.

Thorne, S., Canam, C., Dahinten, S., Hall, W, Henderson, A., & Kirkham, S.R. (2018). Nursing Meta paradigm concepts: disimpacting the debates, Journals of Advanced Nursing, 27(6), 1257-1268.


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