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Criteria for Biology 1151 Class Presentation 1 The Class Presentation is a Multi-step assignment that will culminate by sharing online presentations to help cover course material. Getting a topic:Topics must be randomly assigned by instructor. Cover your assigned topic onlyImportant Points:-Must use Powerpoint to present your topic. Microsoft Office is the default software for LC and you must use it for this assignment. Do not post any other format (Google slideS, Key note, Prezi, online slide sharing, etc)Link for free Microsoft Office if you don’t already have it: will be video-taped. Your phone works fine-Post a Youtube link for your video AND attach the Powerpoint file into Canvas Discussions (make sure to double check your video and file opens) NO VIDEO FILE UPLOADS INTO CANVAS- Make sure to post early in case you have issues and to check to make sure it is posted and it opens on LC computers. Anything not posted on time or assignments that do not open will receive an automatic grade of 0-Save your presentation in different places so that if something happens you have back-ups-The format that works best is to create a Powerpoint and use that as a basis and videotape your self presenting it. (much like an in class presentation)-I suggest using a TV to present. Both your Powerpoint and you must clearly be in the video. If you don’t have a TV use your computer and videotape your face beside the screen-APA reference format must be used for all material not taken from the textbook: It is your responsibility to learn APA-For images retrieved from the web give the URL and date retrieved-Any presentation not in APA will lose marks or receive a grade of 0 and be subject to the academic dishonesty policy-This is not a “copy-paste” assignment and use of this tactic will result in a loss of marks…put material into your own concise words-There is no set number of slides and it is up to you to decide how many to use in your 4-5 minute presentation -Practice your presentation so you know how long it will be-Double Check to make sure the files you post open and work correctly-Anything not posted on time will be subject to late penalties or assignments that do not open will receive an automatic grade of 0-Class Presentation due May 31 @ 4:00pm. Any late submissions will be subject to the late penalties outlined in the course outline
PresentationTips and Resources for Creating, Uploading, and Sharing your class presentation Video (most of these were discussed in class the day we went over this assignment)Tips for Making a Video:-Have a good plan. Don’t just read the material on your poster board but use it as a guide to present to the audience -Practice your presentation and film it as you do. This way you can look for things to keep the same or change as you prepare for your Final cut. Practice will also let you know how long it is, and, if you need to alter it in any way-Make sure the audience can see your PPT (Links to an external site.)A good website with tips to make a good video. Well worth reading with lots of good suggestions. It will be impossible to follow all of them and here are 2 alternatives to what they suggest-the external microphone on a phone or camera will work just fine if you are in a noise free space and speak loud and clear-you can shoot in segments as suggested but that means you must edit them. If you practice your presentation you can also easily shoot it in one continuous sequencehere is a link to create the youtube/google account: (Links to an external site.)here is a short video on getting the url to shareHow to get URL of YOUTUBE videos – Find url FAST AND EASY (Links to an external site.) Marking Rubric(10 marks) Proper APA format and use of references for all material not from the text. You do not have to reference textbook material. Improper use or no APA = loss of marks or a zero on the assignment. ALL WORK MUST BE YOUR OWN. ANY EVIDENCE OF USING SLIDES OR MATERIAL FROM OTHER PRESENTATIONS WILL RESULT IN AN AUTOMATIC 0 AND YOU WILL BE WRIITEN UP FOR ACADEMIC MISCOUNDUCT. DO NOT PLAN TO SCOUR THE INTERNET FOR SLIDES SOMEONE ELSE CREATED AND PASSED THEM OFF AS YOUR OWN

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Adaption to Climate Change Assignment | Get Paper Help
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