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Table of Content

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Chapter 1 Introduction

1.1 Background of study

1.2 Research aims

1.3 Research questions

1.4 Scope of study

1.5 Contributions to knowledge, policies etc

1.6 Summary of chapter

Chapter 2: Literature review and development of hypothesis

2.1 Introduction

2.2 Key theories

2.2.1 Theory I XXX

2.2.2 Theory II XXXX

2.2.3 etc

2.3 Review of existing literature

2.4 Development of hypothesis

2.5 Conclusion of literature review

Chapter 3: Research methodology

3.1 Introduction

3.2 Research philosophy and approach

3.3 Research design

3.3.1 Sampling

3.3.2 Types and sources of data

3.3.3 Data collection method(s)

3.3.4 Definition of variables

3.4 Methods of data analysis

3.5 Research limitations

3.6 Ethical considerations

3.7 Summary of chapter

Chapter 4: Analyses and findings

4.1 Introduction

4.2 Preliminary results

4.2.1 Summary statistics

4.2.2 Correlation matrix

4.2.3 etc

4.3 Main results

4.3.1 Regression analysis

Chapter 5: Conclusions and recommendations

5.1 Summary of findings/Conclusions

5.2 Possible recommendations

5.3 Limitations of study

5.4 Suggestions for future research

Chapter 6: Personal reflection





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