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You will be writing an essay on “A Worn Path.” The following is your topic, “Why is or is not “A Worn Path” an allegory? To complete the essay, you must research the definition of an allegory. You can use any source that you want, and you do not have to cite the source. The following are criteria you must follow:

You have to write in third person.

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A Worn Path Assignment | Custom Essay Help
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You must use MLA style.

You should not write a summary of the plot.

Finally, you must proofread your analysis. Points will be deducted for grammatical errors.


Critical Analysis Rubric


Score Content Editing
180-200 Analysis is thorough and offers original insight into the subject; main claim is supported well; more than one quote is integrated and cited correctly. Sub-claims are clearly stated and developed and are aligned with main claim.  All quotes align with a claim. Analysis has nearly no grammar spelling or punctuation errors. Quotes are formatted correctly.
160-179 Analysis is thorough.  Main claim is explained; perhaps just one quote is provided to show the basis for the main claim.  The sub claims are clear and aligned but are not always developed or supported. There are a few more grammar, spelling and punctuation errors.  Quotes are not always integrated well and are sometimes not formatted correctly.
140-159 Analysis provides claims which may not be fully explained and/or supported.  Quotes may be provided but are integrated or explained. Analysis has a number of grammar spelling and punctuation errors. Quotes are not integrated effectively and are not formatted correctly. Structure problems sometimes makes it difficult to read.
139 or below Analysis is vague.  Claims may not be supported; quotes are not provided. The analysis has numerous grammar spelling and punctuation errors. Sentence structure makes it difficult to read. Claims do not accurately refer to the text.


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